Hey Team !

I’m Josh Dixon, a SoCal-based (but NorCal born), entrepreneur, professional sports team co-owner, community contributor, dog-dad, and an avid athlete.  I started this site as a way to share my pursuits  (where do we begin LOL) , while inviting-in communities and individuals passionately pursuing their own craft.  

The Bay Area is where it all started.  Being adopted into a diverse, multi-racial, and tremendously supportive + loving family gave me an immediate lens into inclusion and matters of race and gender equity.  My parents taught myself and my siblings (also adopted) how to dream big, work hard, the importance of education, and not to be afraid of failure.  

The first 26 years of my life were very sports centric.  Gymnastics allowed me to experience being a student-athlete at Stanford University and then onwards to Team USA through two Olympic Cycles. The sporting arena was and continues to be such a unique environment. For me, it taught discipline. Revealed physical and mental pressure points. Delivered the importance of coaches, teachers, mentors, and teammates. Allowed me to identify a commitment to service and contributions to others.  



Post-sports, I bring a strong sense of responsibility to be a voice and representation on matters of racial and gender-equity, LGBTQ inclusion, and scholastic opportunity to young students and student-athletes. I’ve embarked on a journey that involves a diverse professional agenda.  One that led me to working within the US Senate, a consulting group, a family-office, and now my own MBE certified and LGBTE certified strategic-consulting business.  We create creative, actionable plans for domestic and global enterprise in sports, media, and entertainment. 

That’s the skinny…let’s carry this to the next level